We Make the Ordinary Show Extraordinary

From Molly to Megadeath, from the spoken word solo performances to symphonies, we have systems to do them all, we provide state of the art equipment, top notch technicians, and a persistence for perfection for concerts and corporate events of all types. It starts with people, ... and while we represent a pool of talent that has been doing this since the 1970s, ... and yes... some of us are that old too, ... it is a reassuring note to our customers, that we continue our excite and provide our clients our clients with a major market production. 

Here's some of what we have to offer...

  • Renkus Heinz actively powered line array systems, ... yes, ... they fly as well as ground support.
  • Digidesign Venue FOH and Monitor Consoles with all the plugins and ear candy.
  • Digidesign ProTools HD Recording Systems for live and/or studio recording, ... we do post production.
  • 360 Systems Instant Replay for intros, extros, cues, prerecorded announcements, performance track playbacks.
  • Martin Audio Wedge and sidefill monitors for high fidelity and high SPL monitoring including all IEMS wireless requirements.
  • Full Backline, Drums, Hammond b3, Leslie 122, Marshal, Fender, Vox, Mesa Boogie, Ampeg, ... everything you need for fly in dates or to comply with an artists complex requirement riders.
  • Atlas Copco Whisper Quiet Power Generators, portable staging, roofing, trucking, ... everything you could need, ... it's all right here for your production.
  • Other event needs like... Lighting, Projection, MutliMedia featuring JB Intelligent Light fixtures, Spot Lighting, LED Lighting, Hog Systems Lighting Consoles, High End Systems DL.2 & DL.3 Projection with Axon Video Servers, 40' by 20' projection screen, High End Video recording devices.

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